surprise your parents with some 50th anniversary party ideas for parents

When love is old but gold

50 years! 50 long years of togetherness is truly a commendable job, in the world where change is the only constant, where people don’t tolerate anything and there are your mom and dad spending 50 long years under the same roof, with each other. 5 decades they saw on this journey and it is incredible how they managed to stay updated with the new world and how they never left their roots. The journey of this love is truly commendable and calls for a grand celebration and for that we have some of the 50th anniversary party ideas for parents.

One of the milestones in a couple’s married life is to touch the 50th gold anniversary. And if your parents are lucky enough to have 50 years of togetherness then you have to throw a golden wedding anniversary party. Many couples throw such parties by themselves but some of them are very lucky when their children surprise them with a golden wedding anniversary party. So, be that generous and caring child and please your parents by following some of these 50th anniversary party ideas for parents.

50th wedding anniversary quotes:

Whenever you are going through a party always begin with some innovative invitation cards that will symbolize the integrity of your parent’s marriage life. You can have some 50th wedding anniversary quotes printed on to the invitation cards like “life from retro to metro”, “old is gold”, “ when Mr turned into Mrs after 50 years” and many more.

50th wedding anniversary flower arrangements  

The first thing to note down for 50th anniversary party ideas for parents is to book flowers online. Flowers can be the best idea among the list of 50 years celebration ideas  Nothing can express the everlasting love of your parents other than flowers. Rather I would suggest having flower arrangement to be considered as your 50th anniversary theme ideas. You can decorate them all with the centerpieces of yellow flower baskets and you can have one rose tied to the napkins. You can have a floral dress for your mom, you can have curtains tied with a bunch of flowers, you can have flower theme based cake and so many other things can be arranged if you consider flowers as one of the 50th anniversary party ideas for parents.. Order online cakes in Hyderabad 

Anniversary celebration ideas for parents:

You can have more than 25 ideas as 50 years celebration ideas. There are many gifts you can give to your parents there are many ways to value the love your parents share with each other and what not!

So, here is the list of things to be involved in 50th anniversary party ideas for parents:

50th anniversary theme ideas:

  • golden is the color for 50th anniversary, so you can have everything revolving around this color
  • you can have the theme related to the time they got married
  • you can have the theme based on your parent’s favorite movie.
  • You can surprise your parents by arranging the whole wedding ceremony of exchanging rings and taking wedding vows again and have their “second wedding” as the 50th anniversary party ideas for parents.

All this with a little custom made things around the tables and you are good to conduct the party with these  50th anniversary party ideas for parents.

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